"I worked on two projects with Simone and I have to say, he is a true artist! I am completely satisfied with the scores he made for me and it was real pleasure to work with him through his kindness and his professionalism. He truly understood what I wanted and he succeded bringing it to life through some beautiful music pieces. I can only recommend him to work on your projects!"


- Céline Strassle

Producer of "Maximus Invictus"

"Simone works fast, efficient, and his passion is only outdone by his talent. We love his work in Badsville." 

- David J. Phillips

Producer of "Badsville"


"Fast, talented, reliable, hardworking and passionate. A joy to work with ! Thank you for adding life and score to Badsville" 

- April Mullen 

Director of "Badsville"

"I had the pleasure to work with Simone on many projects, including The Border. I can definitely say that Simone Cilio is the dream of every producer, he is reliable, precise and always in time. 

His original scores are the most seductive pieces you can hear."


- Alessandro Wingfield

Producer of "The Border"

"An absolute pleasure to work with, friendly personalty, very quick, extremely passionate. Takes all notes give him and delivers a dream score. Has hints of Hanz Zimmer and Ennio Morricone in his work. Simone will turn your sequence from good to total film."


Nick Vinny Toth

Director of "Cigarettes & Alcohol

"When I was really behind and had few days to submit my movie, the luck put this great artist in my way! My movie was all about art in every aspect of it. I was just missing the music that can express the deep feeling of the main character (the artist) and here we go Simone just filled that missing part perfectly. My professor literally told me after watching the movie with the music "Now I see why you were passionate about making this piece" I was in LA and he was in Italy but that wasn't a big deal! He finished the score in really short amount of time and saved my life. I absolutely recommend to work with him. He is really talented and hard working person. Simone thank you very much and keep up the great work."


- Hajar Naim

Director of "Making Magic".

<<Working with Simone Cilio on my last 2 short films: "The Miracle Archives" (2014) and "Julian's Violin" (2015), has resulted in an upgrade in quality for the films, where the music not only elevates the film in every aspect (acting, editing, cinematography etc.) but lifts the story and characters , to create the vision and feelings that I aspired for the project. Simone Cilio's music has given life to my short films, and gave them a heart and artistry that the films didn't have before and only dreamed of. Simone Cilio finds with his music the beating heart of the story and at the same time, the beating heart of the audience.>>


- Victor Olea

Director of "The Miracles Archives" and "Julian's Violin". 

<<Working with Simone was a breeze. Even though we were separated by any miles and a large ocean, I felt as if he was working right along side of me. Simone was able to capture every theme, emotion, nuance and character right down to the note. It was a pleasure working with him.>>

- Augie Dannehl

Director of "War at home".

<<Simone's work ethic is a beautiful blend of professionalism and creativity. He was prompt, quick to respond and his turnaround was fast and up to par with my notes. He brought my scene to life and created an element of suspense that grabbed a hold of my audience, brought them up, down and every which way only to let go of them at the proper moment. An artist with a true passion for music that tells stories.>>


- John Gallegos

Director of "Bastard!"

Street Films3000 had the opportunity to work with Simone Cilio, a musician who composed the music for two songs. As a Director I must say that he did a great work, very professional and understood our needs. I'm glad that we met such a great artist. I really hope that we work together very soon. 

- Indira Killen 

Writer/ Director/ Producer for Street Films3000.

<<Simone is a great composer. He knows how to listen to you, in what style you like, for what kind of music in relation to the film. He is a hard worker and he's passionate in what he does. The soundtracks he created for my film is excellent and I would highly recommend him to every director if in need of a great soundtrack for their films.>>


- Daniel Hale

Director of "Reproach"

<<I absolutely love working with Simone Cilio. His music, his creativity, his passion is so incredible that it inspires me to become a better filmmaker.>>


- Charlene Jeter

Director of "Chroma Heist" and "Last Month"

<<Working with Simone has been unique and sensory. We did not, unfortunately, met in person. Our meetings took place mainly via Skype or on the phone. But we understand each other immediately, through a strange and indissoluble empathy. We'll work together again for my new film Una Ultima Vez . A young talent!>>

- Mauro Russo Rouge

Director of "CENSURADO - Inno all'amore"

<<Simone Cilio. A name that means "certainty". My name is Gulia Savi and I had the pleasure of working with this talented composer accidentally and now I think "fortunately". Not only is a person of inborn talent, able to understand without problems the emotions that a director wants to communicate, but also a professional on time with delivery and final fixes or changes to make a project perfect. Listening to various scores he composed for other directors he has just the desire to work and create art.>>

- Giulia Savi

Director of "Beyond the painting" and "Echo"

<<Working with Simone has been fantastic, not only musically accomplished what I wanted for my short but he went further ... He's a talented guy and I am sure he'll make great things. In his music I found a poem and rare intensity. I'm sure that my collaboration with him will go on!>>

- Marco Di Gerlando

Director of "Nella tasca del cappotto"